Leaky Feeder Systems

Trans Communications supply, install and maintain high quality leaky feeder cables, connectors, distribution boxes, bi-directional amplifiers, head end radio terminal equipment and digital/analogue repeaters used in mines, tunnels and high rise buildings.



Ancillary Equipment

Trans Communications supply, install and maintain ancillary equipment that communicates via the leaky feeder systems such as personnel or vehicle tagging, dual tag readers, helmet (hard hat) tags and video streaming.

DACS - Dynamic Anti-Collission System

Trans Communications supply, install and amintain DACS collission avoidence units used in mines and tunnels for the safety of personnel and protection of equipment. The Personnel Detection System was developed out of an urgent need to prevent injury and possible loss of life from the operation of mining vehicles in the proximity of mining personnel. In this type of environment, it is impossible for the vehicle operator to be fully aware at all times of all personnel and vehicles in his immediate vicinity. The system provides an early warning inidication that brings to his attention the presence and number of personnel and vehicles in his vicinity.

Mining Cap Lamps

Trans Communications supply and maintain high quality and well proved halogen and LED cap lamps with options of small compact Li-Ion or sealed lead acid batteries. Personnel tags can be installed into cap lamps, batteries or lamp helmets.