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Motorola Digital System - BRISBANE'S LEGACY WAY TUNNEL





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Transcity Joint Venture


Trans Communications

•MOTOTRBO DP3400 portable
•MOTOTRBO DP3600 portable
•MOTOTRBO DM3600 mobile

• Hybrid analogue/digital
• Multiple simultaneous channels
• Emergency frequency override
• Rugged, water resistant


•Uncompromised safety
• Superb audio clarity
• Complete site coverage
• Hands-free operation
• Failsafe backup
• Dedicated emergency channel


Scheduled to open to traffic in 2015, construction of Brisbane City Council's $.5 billion, 4.6km Legacy Way tunnel began in early 2011, managed by a unique joint venture between Brisbane-based BMD Constructions, Italian Company Ghella and Spanish company Acciona - collectively called Transcity.

Communication is one of the most fundamental safety elements in any construction project and is particularly critical for a major tunneling operation.

Together with experienced technology partner Trans Communications, Motorola has delivered a highly effective hybrid analogue and digital two-way radio system that ensures anytime, anywhere communications throughout the tunnel construction site.  Supported by a microwave digital backup and Sigma leaky feed backbone and head end system that span the full length of the site, the new radio network keeps TransCity teams safely connected 24/7.

Brisbane-based Motorola partner Trans Communications was chosen to design and supply the radio system for Legacy Way following a comprehensive market tender.  The system comprises three "leaky" feeder cables that provide both transmission and reception for the radio handsets in the tunnels, one high power surface amplifier for surface communications and approximately 30 base stations mainly installed into the construction vehicles on site but also on each of the TBM's.


"Trans Communications' availability and keen interest in the project made them stand out when we were considering who to partner with on this project" says Pinheiro (Electronic Engineer).  "They gave us all the answers we needed and they had the experience to match their enthusiasm.  They have been a fantastic partner throughout with their efficiency and skills in the field proving invaluable on a project of this magnitude.

"As far as I know this is the first system of its kind deployed in Australia - and possibly the world - that provides all the utility, flexibility, capacity and safety features we wanted in one integrated solution", says Pinheiro.  "That's largely down to the skills, experience and service of the Trans Communications and Motorola teams, always ready with a positive solution to our challenges".

See the full case study.

Vertex Standard - AUSTRALIA ZOO

Australia Zoo’s Big Cats Mean Big Safety Needs!


“ Without the radios we wouldn’t survive, they’re an essential tool. We’re very reliant on them, and they are only becoming more and more critical as the zoo keeps growing and covering a larger area with different sections.” Bill Stretton, stores coordinator, Australia Zoo.

Customer Industry Technology Partner Need Benefits
Australia Zoo Tourism Trans Communications Pty Ltd • Reliable communications for staff located over a large area • Better safety for workers and customers
• Increased efficiency
• Waterproof gear
• Multi-channel functionality
• Coverage


Teams Spread Over 100 Acres

Set on more than 100 acres of bushland with 1200 animals in residence, Australia Zoo staff need reliable communication for day-to-day operations, and to ensure maximum safety for both customers and staff. As Bill Stretton, stores coordinator, explains: “With departments spread out over the zoo, our
people are always far away from each other but must be able to communicate”. Over two years Vertex Standard VX454 commercial analogue radios have been rolled out throughout the zoo’s ten departments, including grounds, building and construction, keepers, big cats and the new Africa exhibit.

Zoo is “Reliant on Radios”

“Australia Zoo is an unusual place to work as every day is different,” says Stretton. “Without the radios we wouldn’t survive, they’re an essential tool. We’re very reliant on them, and they are only becoming more and more critical as the zoo keeps growing and covering a larger area with different sections.”

Better safety for workers and customers: “The radios help with ensuring staff occupational health and safety which is critical, especially when working with big cats. Or, for example, if storms are approaching, management can let everyone know and ask them to tie everything down securely.” “The zoo has thousands of visitors through its gates which means we require accessible first aid for our customers. During the busy times – and especially summertime – visitors can often require aid for heat exhaustion. We totally rely on radios at those times.”
Increased efficiency: “It’s all about communication. Building department staff can ring the office and order supplies. If a keeper needs something, it can be brought down. When steel loads come in via the main gates I can call others to ensure a clear path for the trucks through the grounds. It would be hard to operate if we couldn’t do that sort of thing.”
Waterproof gear: “Waterproofing works well on rainy days. And for working around the animals and water, such as tigers and crocodiles, it made sense to go with 100 per cent waterproof radios.”
Multi-channel functionality: “We have seven different channels as well as the main zoo channel for management to communicate with all staff. Each department has their own channel. Channel 1 is the main zoo channel, with soft key shortcuts programmed into the handset to other departments. Different departments have different shortcuts, according to need.”
Coverage: “The two repeaters ensure complete coverage.” The partnership with Trans Communications has been long and happy: “Trans Communications looked after Australia Zoo’s sites for more than 13 years. We wouldn’t put up with someone who doesn’t supply what we need and follow up with good service! Trans Communications also owns a light aircraft and services our two farms sites quickly, efficiently and at short notice.”

See the full case study.






Customer Industry Technology Partner Need Benefits


Trans Communications Pty Ltd • Reliable communications for staff located over a large area • Better safety for workers and customers
• Increased efficiency
• Less congestion on channels
• Clearer coverage



Trans Communications migrated AEG's old Motorola Analogue radio system to the latest Digital radio system.  This communication system operates on MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Trunking, which allows clear and effective communication between all personnel involved at any event at one time.

Capacity Plus software manages repeater channel availability which allows the next available channel to be handed over to a talk group.  In the past with conventional analogue repeaters, a specific repeater was assigned to a specific talk group.  At times this lead to some repeater channels being congested and other repeater channels underutilised.  With Capacity Plus however, more flexibility is obtained as access to the repeater channels (talk groups) is more likely.



Trans Communications duplicated the Suncorp Stadium model for the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and achieved the same excellent results.  In addition to the Suncorp Stadium however, we also supplied and installed a telephone interconnect panel, allowing MOTOTRBO radios to make and receive telephone calls.





Customer Industry Technology Partner Need Benefits
Coast & Country


Trans Communications Pty Ltd • Reliable communications for staff located over a large area
• Increased efficiency
• Less congestion on channels
• Clearer coverage 


Coast and Country Buses is a family owned business that has been operating for over 25 years. The business started  out with one bus and a local school run, and have grown to a fleet of over fifty vehicles servicing local schools throughout South East Queensland.  Their vehicles range from 13 seat mini-vans through to 57 seat Tour Coaches.


We have recently, and with great success, upgraded their fleet of communications in all school buses and coaches to the latest Qcom Digital Allova Network radios, which operate on the Telstra Public Telephone network.


This is what Coast and Country Coaches say about the system:

“The Qcom Digital System, after some extensive trialing, was found to be excellent form a functionality point of view, as well as value for money.

From the outset the service offered by Leon, Johnny and team at both Qcom Australia and Trans Communications has been exceptional, and conducted with utmost professionalism.”




Customer Industry Technology Partner Need Benefits
Sun Hill Bus Lines


Trans Communications Pty Ltd

• Reliable communications for buses moving through areas in mobile phone 'dead' zones

• Clear coverage

•  Reliability in communications

• Easy to manage system


BusBiz has been a family owned business for over 50 years. In 1954 Lake Boga Transport Pty Ltd was formed to transport fruit from the Lake Boga area to the Melbourne market. In 1960 they diversified into School Buses and in 1965 Swan Hill Bus Lines was born. In 1988, Swan Hill Bus Lines branched out into its own identity and under the direction of Peter Pickering, has grown to become today one of Regional Victoria’s largest Bus/Coach operations.


BusBiz has been looking for a communication system that is able to cover a vast area and be able to contact all of its vehicles, including vehicles based in areas without mobile phone service.  We fitted the latest Qcom Digital Allova Network radios to a number of buses that they trialled over a period of weeks. 


The trial was highly successful and this is what BusBiz said:

“With the trial we found that the Qcom system met our requirements and was exactly what we need.  In Renmark where there is a large area with no phone coverage, we find the Qcom system is able to be contacted and our Operations department has communication at all times. 

With the Qcom system we have the ability to talk to an individual, a selected group or everyone.  We have spare systems on hand and are able to swap out any problem unit which enables minimum down time for us as well.”